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SAPA National AGM September 2023

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Message from the President:

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you back to the SAPA Gauteng site. We have been quiet for a while, but we are back in full force, standing by our commitment to excellent leadership and management in education, enhancing professional development, and promoting meaningful interaction. With the energy, enthusiasm, and focus on high-quality teaching and learning, we believe that all our schools will reach a higher standard of excellence. We see our schools rising through the sharing of good practices among colleagues, not only based on the amount of resources, but also on the capacity to manage and lead the plan.

James Keller said, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another.” As SAPA-Gauteng, we understand that we must burn ourselves like a candle to give light to others.

I would like to thank all Gauteng-SAPA principals and deputy principals for their valuable suggestions that helped push this organization forward during the dark days of the COVID pandemic. I believe they will continue to support the organization and help it grow from strength to strength.

I would also like to thank my predecessor, Mr. Hlongwane, and his dedicated executive committee for keeping the fire burning during the pandemic.

Despite all the challenges they faced, they stood the test of time and emerged even stronger. He led this organization with passion and integrity. I wish him every success in his new role at GPEDU (Head Office).

I extend our gratitude to all our supporters, partners, and sincere and dedicated executive members for the continuous success of this organization. Since assuming the presidency six months ago, I have learned a great deal, and I will continue to uphold the norms and standards of SAPA by serving with integrity and honesty.

Be kind to yourself and stay in touch with us on our social channels. Gauteng and National SAPA have more in store for you.


J. Hlahle President,

A Few Benefits that SAPA can offer you!

The SAPA national executive committee meets ONCE a term. The meetings are usually in Gauteng (either Johannesburg or Pretoria), and these include meeting with the national department of education. The President and members of the executive committee have held regular meetings with the Department of Education, in particular with Mr James Ndlebe (Director: Education Management and Governance Development) where various issues affecting school management have been discussed.

Your Membership

Our professional body which aims at enhancing your skills and professional development so that you will feel more confident about the task of leading your school.

Discounted Services

Our service providers offer us special rates on their products and services. These discounts are available to SAPA Members only. Our combined goal is to rapidly develop education, and discounted rates offered to our members make it easier to do so.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

By becomming a SAPA Member, you are ensuring your school enters the 4th industrial revolution. You will be reciving the latest developments in the educational sector.

The National Conference

The opportunity to attend the annual national conference which ensures that you will be at the forefront of educational developments by means of stimulating and relevant keynote speakers and challenging and practical workshop sessions. A different SAPA provincial executive hosts the annual conference each year.

Conferences and Workshops

As a member, you receive the opportunity to attend local and provincial workshops, seminars and conferences organized by your executive and which are in tune with local needs. Your participation at the local and provincial level will determine the effectiveness of SAPA-MP.

Educational Leadership

Ensuring that you never feel isolated from not only national but also international trends, SAPA provides opportunities to access current world developments in educational leadership through membership of the international Confederation of Principals (ICP) and the African Convention of Principals (ACP).

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